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Keeping it Natural!

November 16, 2016

Why Traditional is best.

More and more people are opting for a more traditional look in their homes, using natural materials and products. It may cost a bit more to create this look but in the long run it will probably be more cost effective. Natural materials tend to last longer, so need replacing less often. In fact most natural materials actually look better with a bit of ageing. 

Wooden floors that have had a bit of foot traffic look wonderful, as does furniture that's lived a bit and shows signs of being used and loved. 

Granite and quartz worktops will retain their beauty and style long after veneer worktops have started to peel, scratch and look old and tired. Quartz in particular is extremely hard-wearing and is virtually impenetrable, making it ultra-hygienic and practical. 

Silkstone kitchen unit



How To Create A Natural Look in Your Kitchen

Opt for natural wooden floors or stone tiles, combined with granite worktops to give a natural feel. A reclaimed butchers sink would look ideal, accessorised with natural materials like wicker and leather, a rag-rug and lots of plants. Pretty, old-fashioned crockery displayed on a dresser or wall rack, depending on space, and finished with a big old refectory table that looks like it's got a story or two to tell, and your look is complete. 
Stick to natural colours like greens, beiges and earthy shades of orange, red and yellow. Look to the outside world for inspiration and you won't go far wrong.

Ice blue granite kitchen


Can You Combine Natural With Contemporary Style?

It is possible to achieve a natural look in a more modern kitchen. Keep the lines clean and use more modern accessories like stainless steel. Opt for more modern colours like greys and blacks, or even white, combined with plain fabrics and tiles. There are even brightly coloured worktops available for a funky look. 

Whatever your style, steer clear of anything plastic. Not only are they more likely to become brittle and break, they look unsightly and un-natural. You're home will feel more relaxing and calming if you keep it natural, and you'll be helping the environment by reducing the man-made products you buy.  



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