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Where to buy quartz work surfaces

July 14, 2015

Quartz is a stunning natural material that is the perfect choice for beautiful work surface for any home or commercial premises. Choosing a quartz work surface is an investment, as Quartz is renowned for being tough, hard-wearing and scratch, stain and chip resistant. It is available in a vast range of colours, including red, orange, green and pink! 

Our quartz worktops are engineered from 93% crushed quartz and 7% resin, which creates practical, durable and attractive work surfaces that are of a superior strength and quality. They require minimal maintenance, warm soapy water is sufficient, and as they are non-porous they don't need sealing. 

We produce made to measure Quartz work surfaces at very affordable prices, in any shape or size to meet your requirements. We will provide you with expert advice on design features, and will either manufacture the work surface at your home, followed by immediate installation or will take a template for manufacture at our factory in Goole for installation at a later date.

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