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High Quality Marble, Granite & Quartz

Which material is best for me?

Why choose Marble?

Marble is best suited for fireplaces, flooring, or bathroom vanity tops; it is a natural material and available in an huge variety of stunning colours and patterns, although it is most commonly seen in black and white. Marble is a porous material, more so than granite. It can be quite weak, so better used in smaller pieces for applications such as floor tiles, or in thicker pieces for applications such as fireplaces or headstones.

Being a particularly porous material, we do not recommend marble for kitchen work surfaces as it can stain easily. There are marble-effect quartz worktops available which give the same distinctive look but with the greater strength and durability offered by quartz.

Why choose Granite?

Granite is a striking, natural product which is excavated from the ground before being cut and polished. Its most popular use is for kitchen work surfaces, due to its characteristic beauty and durability. It is available in a wide range of natural colours, textures, and patterns, and works well in contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Granite is a naturally porous material so can be subject to staining if not correctly cared for - for added protection we seal all granite worktops once installed, and we recommend that our customers do so too at least once a year using a natural stone sealant. Things most likely to stain granite are the likes of lemon juice, red wine and oils from food such as curries - but don't be put off by this as granite takes hours to stain, and so as long as such spillages are cleaned up reasonably quickly there should be no problems. Granite Care Kits can be bought from ourselves - please contact us on 01405 806300 for details.

Granite work surfaces are highly durable: if it’s the natural look that you are after then granite could be an excellent choice for you.

Why choose Quartz?

Quartz is a strong and highly durable composite material, and is equally as popular as granite for kitchen work surfaces. As it is man-made, the spectrum of colours and patterns available is almost endless, including everything from the most modern vibrant looks, right through to a totally natural appearance. Quartz is a totally maintenance-free work surface after completion: because it is non-porous - and therefore not subject to staining - it doesn't require sealing like marble and granite.

The quartz manufacturers used by C&J Stonemasonry offer at least a 10-year guarantee on their products, which isn’t necessarily the case with the lower quality, unbranded quartz used by some companies.

If you are looking for an easy-care work surface to add the wow factor to your kitchen, quartz is the product for you.